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The accommodations offered through Island Outpost Resorts are as unique as they are relaxed and personal.

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The casual and close-knit family atmosphere of the Island Outpost Resorts will make any eco-conscious traveler feel they have found a resplendent, eco-green Eden beyond-beautiful- enough for the most romantic of Portlandia weddings. The vacation packages offered through the three Island Outpost Resorts are as unique as they are relaxed and personal. Located on the island of Jamaica, owner Chris Blackwell, the Jamaican music mogul, has set out to establish a resort rich in the arts while minimizing the impact the properties have on the environment they inhabit.

Three properties make up Island Outpost – GoldenEye, founded by Ian Fleming where James Bond movies were dreamed up; The Caves a lush and exotic haven; and the multiple award-winning Strawberry Hill. Abundant in fruits and vegetables, the surrounding properties of Island Outpost are farmed by local farmers who grow 80% of the food consumed at all the resorts. In addition, local Jamaican chefs prepare the food from recipes handed down from generation to generation, right up to your plate, with freshly prepared organic ingredients arriving at the kitchen door. The Strawberry Hill Resort was originally one of the first Blue Mountain coffee farms, and today has its own brand of deliciously mild coffee that you can sip while gazing at the surrounding verdant mountains. The aromatic coffee makes the perfect souvenir for you to bring home so that you can close your eyes before leaving for work in the morning, reminiscing about the heaven-on-earth days you spent at Island Outpost.

Besides being a high-class destination for conservation-minded vacationers and honeymooners, Island Outpost Resorts also gives back to the Jamaican community through Island ACTS, a charity foundation created by owner Chris Blackwell. ACTS sole purpose is to bring relief to the poor and under-privileged by funding education, healthcare and projects within the tight-knit community on Jamaica island.

With money raised through the 501(c)(3) foundation, Island ACTS hopes to ease the struggles of the most impoverished areas of Jamaica. Help fund this amazing foundation by staying at Island Outpost’s beautiful bungalows and villas.Truly Island Outpost brings the culture of local arts and cultural heritage with their enchanting resort setting. Let’s make a difference in this world, one carbonless footprint at a time.


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