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Can You Trust Your Travel Agent?

With recent news headlines outing a scammer in Florida disguised as a travel agent that took off with people’s deposits, it’s no wonder alarm bells are ringing, and you start..

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Why is Travel Insurance Important? Let’s Compare.

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Packing like the military

  Packing, the worst part of any trip, is about the same as jamming those toy snakes into that magician’s canister. One false move and when you open your suitcase,..

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Germany- 500 anniversary of Martin Luther’s proclamation

Deutschland is celebrating! 500 years ago, Martin Luther, monk, professor and leader of the Protestant Reformation, nailed his 95 theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany...

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The French Perfume Experience

If you are visiting France and would like the chance to make your own perfume, you simply must visit the little town of Grasse. Situated just over 10 miles from..

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Let’s Get Prepared for the “What If” During Travel Game

Should we really be playing the “What if Game” with travel? We know there are many concerns when traveling, especially when you’re planning a trip abroad. With recent events, travelers..

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With so many scary things happening abroad, you might be asking yourself, “Is it still safe to travel?”

In short, the answer is yes! Although your first reaction after hearing of a tragedy, such as the attacks on Paris, may be to never travel again. That is not..

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Your Honeymoon Should be a Reflection of You

A typical search for the best honeymoon destinations will yield results such as Hawaii, Jamaica, Aruba, Greece, Tahiti, the list goes on and on. All these places are great, but..

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An Extreme Vacation – Sniper Training?

When you think of a vacation odds are your first thought is not sniper training, but for some gun enthusiasts and adventure seekers sniper training may be the perfect getaway...

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Vacationing Hobbit Style

For some Lord of the Rings enthusiasts watching the adventures of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins play out on the big screen is simply not enough. No, these self-affirmed Hobbit lovers..

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