Sure, at first thought, it seems highly inconvenient.  You have to pack extra clothes, leaving less room in your luggage for impulse purchases.  And unless you’ve been there before, you likely have no idea what you’ll be working with.  So, there’s that.  And now, you’ve likely convinced yourself that its more hassle than it’s worth, and this will be the perfect out to take a break from your fitness routine while you’re away.


But, traveling is no excuse not to live your healthiest life.  In fact, all it takes is a shift in perspective.  Instead of looking at it like another chore you have to cross off your to-do list each day, start thinking of it as your favorite part of the day, your non-negotiable.  After all, the better you treat (and take care of) yourself, the better you’ll be to everyone and everything else in your life.


“Often times, the reason we dread our daily workout,” claims Freestyle Adventurist Bradley Nordmeyer, “is because we get stuck in a rut of the same routines in the same place, and that’s bound to get boring.”


It also keeps you from challenging yourself.  Your body and mind get stuck in a ho-hum pattern, and traveling gives you the perfect excuse to break free of those boundaries of regularity.  If you’re still not convinced, here’s 4 reasons to look forward to your away workouts.


  1. Change of Scenery: Perhaps you’re an urban dweller headed to an outdoor oasis. Check out local hiking trails.  Walking or running a scenic path sure beats a treadmill at the gym, and when your mind is distracted by all the sights to see, your workout will be over before you know it.
  2. Challenge Your Body: A new gym might offer new equipment that your body isn’t accustomed to. By trying new things, you might discover something you love, and challenge other parts of your body that might not otherwise get worked.
  3. Natures Obstacle Course: Jogging on a rubber track doesn’t inspire anyone, even if it’s suspended above the basketball courts. But try it on a gravel path and suddenly you notice the most minute bits of nature.  Try pushups by a creek bed, run sprints up a river dam.  The fresh air alone should fuel some extra energy, and you’ll be kicking and screaming when it’s time to go back inside.
  4. Fit Cultures: What might be the norm in your town could be completely different in another city, and it’s the perfect reason to try a new type of sport. Care for a little canoeing to work those arms?  Perhaps some mountain biking?  Scale some sand dunes? Or even a little cross-country snow shoeing?  You’re bound to feel the burn and its guaranteed to be a workout you won’t soon forget, and you might even pick up a new favorite past time.


As you can see, working out doesn’t have to be the laborious chore we’ve made it.  Think back to when we were kids.  We’d run and play all day, and we didn’t even think of it as exercise.  Because we made it fun.  That’s the exact mentality we should re-adopt.  After all, taking care of your body should be the one “To Do” that you actually want to do.  So, on your next trip, find a way to fit it into your agenda!




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