This is a cheese tasting in Norway. Ever since the blue cheese Kraftkar was voted world’s best cheese in the World Cheese Awards 2016, Norway has cemented its position as a genuine cheese destination. When the Norwegian producer Ostegården won gold for its’ Fanaost in the 2018 Awards hosted in Bergen, we have truly proven we are a destination worth visiting for cheese lovers and foodies. We at Up Norway invite you to take part in this competitive whey-in by following our cheese trails to some of the best producers and idyllic locations in the world.

Day 1:
Arriving in Trøndelag
Inderøy - Trondheim's Kitchen Garden Arrive by plane or train at Trondheim and pick up the rental car that you’ll be using for the next six days. Drive along Trondheimsfjord to the fertile lands of the Inderøy peninsula. This takes you to the heart of agricultural Norway, and you’ll be driving through a landscape often referred to as the kitchen garden of Trondheim, with rich agrarian traditions. We are proud of Norwegian small scale farming with its focus on animal welfare, low pesticide and antibiotic usage, and farmers who deliver extraordinary products. Stay overnight at Husfrua (The Mistress), Inderøya’s charming little farm hotel with an incredible view of the fjord as well as an unusual history. Your evening meal will be at the neighboring Øynaparken, which sits on top of the hill just a short and beautiful walk away.
Day 2:
From Blue cheese to Aquavit
Wake up in one of the antique, individually decorated rooms and enjoy a homemade breakfast. Then it is time to head off on today's round trip on the peninsula. First stop is Gangstad cheesemaker. Their award winning blue cheese should make your tastebuds sing! The rest of the day will be a festive bonanza of traditional food, drink and storytelling, combined with art and handicrafts presented on your way around the route. Finish off with a visit and tasting at Berg farm where the owners have perfected the old traditions of Norwegian Aquavit production. Return for a second night at Husfrua.
Day 3:
Tautra Maria Nunnery and Local Brewery
Detour to the island Tautra Rooted in Norwegian traditions in the middle of Norway, Trøndelag is a perfect base for experiencing nature, culture and Norway’s exciting history. Although today’s destination might sound like a contradiction, we promise you that the 90 kilometre drive to the little island of Tautra will be a pleasant detour. Staying near the ruins of the old Cistercian monastery from 1207, will give a close and personal encounter with the interesting history at this monastery island in the Trondheimfjord, also known for its beautiful nature and rich birdlife. An evening meal (part-prepared by you) is accompanied by locally brewed house beer – and naturally comes with a cheese-based conclusion.
Day 4:
Pilgrimage City Trondheim
Nidaros Cathedral After a morning walk to visit the nunnery, you will head back towards Trondheim (or Nidaros, as it was called until 100 years ago). Situated at the tip of the Trondheim fjord, this city is well worth a day’s stay. You’ll have a guided tour of Nidarosdomen, the world’s northernmost medieval cathedral, and Norway’s national religious centre. The city has a booming bar- and restaurant scene, and tonight's dinner will be at one of our favourite Trondheim restaurants. Overnight at a selected city hotel.
Day 5:
Trondheim to Bårdshaug Manor
Morning kayak and evening delights Have a relaxing morning and, after enjoying breakfast, maybe set out in a kayak on the river Nidelven (a mini-adventure before you leave town) or wander along Bakklandet (Old Town). Head south to Bårdshaug Herregard (Manor), where the hosts will greet you in majestic surroundings. To work up an appetite, talk a late afternoon stroll or jog, before enjoying a wonderful dinner featuring cheese from the region.
Day 6:
Tingvoll Dairy and Kraftkar
Meet the Cheese Champ Early rise to drive to the last cheesemaker on this trail. In 2016, a little family-run dairy in Torjulvåg decided to enter the world cheese championships with Kraftkar, a creamy blue cheese made from milk produced by the farm’s 60-strong herd. Little did they know what would result. Meet the cows, visit the dairy and the people behind Tingvoll’s fantastic cheeses. Take the boat across the fjord and spend a night or two at the gorgeous Angvik Gamle Handelssted or take the evening flight out of Molde. Departure, or continue on the Oslo Region or Lofoten Cheese Trails.


  • 5 nights in twin room accommodation with breakfast
  • Rental car (6 days) and transfers
  • Curated cheeese tastings with producers & chefs
  • Local dinner in Øynaparken Guesthouse, Inderøy & dinner and beertasting at Klostergården, Tautra
  • Local Aquavit Tasting at Berg Farm
  • Privately guided tour of Nidaros Cathedral
  • Gastro evening in renowned Trondheim restaurant
  • Up Norway services and Digital Travel Guide
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