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Travel Unrivaled: Best Travel Agency in Kansas City

Resort Vacation Agency

Has been built on a foundation of honesty and integrity allowing us to design unique travel experiences for our clients.


Everybody dreams about their ideal trip, whether it is a unique exotic location, relaxation, adventure, a hobby or a vocation or whatever. Every person’s wishes are unique and what is exciting to you may not be interesting to the next person. Our clients enjoy focusing their energies on what they love to do and want someone to work with them. That is why cookie-cutter programs offered by online travel agencies can’t grasp your individuality. You need the help and experience of a professional from Travel Unrivaled, a Kansas City Travel Agency.


Our associates will visit with you, ask questions, and help you define YOUR travel must-see’s. Our many years of experience, travel knowledge and continuing education help us design a travel package that brings your Dream to life. We listen to you.


With our handpicked suppliers, destination planners and tourism boards we create one-of-a-kind travel plans that are unique to you and turn your dreams into lifetime memories. We strive to have our clients say “WOW!” and to come back saying “Where are we going next”.

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