Jakes Treasure Beach

Come see the wonder of Jakes Treasure Beach for yourself
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Built with love in the early 20th century Jakes Resort on Treasure Beach was originally a family getaway that has evolved into a playful eclectic retreat for carefree spirits. Instead of the typical touristy crowd, Jakes’ inviting intimacy is truly a delightful home-away-from-home, in which the staff is a lively extended family, and where you can enjoy cozy accommodations. Located adjacent to the Santa Cruz Mountains, the breathtaking landscapes coupled with the beauty of the majestic ocean will be sure to remind you of the exuberance of life.

Don’t be surprised, if after just a few visits around town, the locals greet you by name and abundant smiles- it’s truly the festive friendliness that is Jamaica! Trips around the neighborhood, local shops and restaurants will beckon as a way to learn about the people, the customs and history of Jamaica. The new Breds Treasure Beach Sports Park is sure to be a hit with your whole group with a children’s playground, soccer field, and a cricket pavilion, while also being the ideal place for a festive family reunion or a group retreat with its charming beach waterfront.

Dedicated to clean living, Jakes Treasure Beach promotes eco-friendly sustainability. The resort uses solar water heating, gray water treatment systems, and conscientious recycling to help conserve and protect the environment. Jakes Treasure Beach also donates a dollar of every night you stay to the Breds Treasure Beach Foundation which has provided food for the poor, funded local community projects for schools, built homes for the needy and provided a variety of community outreach projects.


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