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Robert Riesmeyer founded Travel Unrivaled to help his clients experience the world with custom curated, hand selected travel experiences from across the globe. Robert started traveling at an early age, taking time away from the family farm to go on road trips with his parents. He received his first taste of international travel while attending college and the love of travel was set. After spending 25 years designing employee benefit plans for companies, he decided to change course and follow his passion and opened Travel Unrivaled. After successfully establishing the travel agency, he along with his best friend developed Traveling Aware, a company focused on teaching people how to travel safely and securely, utilizing material developed by the military and other organizations. Robert has a love for the military and a deep respect for those that have served. His father was a WWII Army Veteran and his cousins are career Marines and Navy. He is a member of the AUSA and SOF Foundation. In January each year, his company sponsors a Marine Corps Mess Night to benefit the Focus Marines Foundation, a not for profit organization helping returning Veterans with PTSD and TBI.


7 Reasons to Set Sail to Croatia

  The time has come.  After months of clocking long hours, getting too little sleep, and feasting exclusively on kale salad and rice cakes, your long-awaited holiday is here.  It’s..

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The Truth Behind Travel Deals

  Picture it: You’re overworked, overstressed, underpaid, and nearing your breaking point.  As if some higher power understands your desperate plight, you’re scrolling through social media when an ad pops..

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Can You Trust Your Travel Agent?

With recent news headlines outing a scammer in Florida disguised as a travel agent that took off with people’s deposits, it’s no wonder alarm bells are ringing, and you start..

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Booking Your Honeymoon: 4 Reasons To Use A Travel Agent

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The Hotel that Melted

Five days ago, guests and staff alike walked out for the last time this season, as a hotel melted before their very eyes. And this is the 29th year in..

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Top 5 Reasons to Vacay in Colorado

Sure, many of us dream of an adventure in Australia.  Or beaching ourselves near an Overwater Bungalow in Bora Bora.  Maybe venturing the streets of Tokyo, taking in all the..

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Why is Travel Insurance Important? Let’s Compare.

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Top Travel Safety Tips

It’s a new year, and as you look to the next 365 days ahead, you’re likely thinking of where your next vacation will take you.  With recent events around the..

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Get Fit on the Go

    Sure, at first thought, it seems highly inconvenient.  You have to pack extra clothes, leaving less room in your luggage for impulse purchases.  And unless you’ve been there..

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