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Barbados is a beautiful country with an interesting origin and a great place to visit. A little history first: at about less than one million years old, the island was..

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Dominican Republic

If you’re looking for an affordable travel destination that has something for the family and for couples, look no further than the Dominican Republic, a Caribbean nation that shares the..

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It’s often said that Martinique is c’est magnifique and there’s good reason why. Martinique is just one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands. It’s part of the Lesser Antilles in..

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Top resorts in Jamaica

Jamaica is a beautiful Caribbean island nation with blue waters, lush rainforests, waterfalls, reggae music, white beaches and diversified wildlife. It makes a great vacation destination, but there are so..

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Cigar Tours

Do you love the taste of a good cigar? Then celebrate your love of the cigar on your next vacation. There are cigar factories all over the world, such as..

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Rum Distilleries

Love the taste of rum? If you’re heading to the Caribbean, the islands are a rum lover’s bonanza, filled with large and small distilleries and tours to enjoy. John Watling’s..

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Whiskey Tours and Trails in the United States

Instead of the usual ordering of your favorite whiskey from a bartender, why not enjoy a pour straight from its source? In the United States, whiskey tours have grown in..

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A Practical Guide to the Rastafarian Indigenous Village

Situated in the cool slopes of Montego River Gardens, the Rastafarian Indigenous Village is a must-see place that will get you face to face with authentic Rastafarian artisans and ranchers..

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The Top Belgium Beer Tours

Belgium makes a powerful claim for being a “beer paradise”. From your first beer in Brussels until the last one in Antwerp, you’ll experience Belgium’s excellent beers in their finest..

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5 Best Rum Tours In the World

Over the last few years rum tastings and tours showing the behind the scenes of how rum is made have gained momentum. Rum enthusiasts love learning the techniques used to..

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