german castle

The Rhine Valley & Danube Riverfront

The Rhine Valley encompasses Nuremburg, Berlin, and Cologne. Where else can you find fairytale castles combined with the starkness of World War history, quaint villages mixed with cutting-edge architecture, or the divergence between classical symphonies, Oktoberfest folksongs and avant-garde performances…. Discover for yourself the dynamic energy and power that fills this nation.

The Alps of Switzerland, Italy, and Germany form the most jaw-dropping winter sports adventures. Waltz over to Vienna, the city of marble ballrooms and chandeliered palaces. Visit the elegant Schönbrunn Palace and the State Opera House where you can hear the Vienna Philharmonic and the famous Vienna Boys’ Choir. Prague is a confection of gothic and baroque edifices with its Powder Tower, the Astronomical Clock, and the looming statues guarding Charles Bridge. Prague Castle (the Castle of the Bohemian Kings) with its glorious towers and fortressed walls overlooks the Danube River. The “castle” is actually a complex that includes stately palaces, St. Vitus Cathedral (an ancient basilica built in the 900s), and the burial grounds of kings and emperors. Another Czechoslovakian sight is the Český Krumlov State Castle and Chateau with hidden passageways, a unique Baroque theatre, and a garden maze. At Budapest, the baroque Esterházy Palace was the favorite residence of the Hapsburg Emperor, Empress, and its guest-in-residence, the classical composer Haydn. The Palace holds a puppet theatre, 2 ornamental Dina and Venus temples, and highly ornate salons, rococo paintings and frescoes.


March 1, 2016 8:03 pm