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Fiji is a welcoming land of sumptuous islands, iridescent tropical birds and coral, and pristine waters. At Colo-I-Suva Forest Park can be seen the Fiji Goshawk and Blue-Crested Broadbill, exclusive to Fiji, as well as other native birds like the Sulphur-Breasted Musk Parrots, Barking Pigeons, Golden Whistler, Slaty Flycatchers, Golden Doves, and Spotted Fantails. Taveuni Fiji is known as “the garden island” of Fiji. Tropical flowers abound in all sorts of vivid colors and fanciful shapes. At Des Voeux Peak and Qeleni, beautiful Silktails, Parrots, Orange Breasted Doves, and Ferntails fly.

Taveuni’s southern coast of Vanua Levu is packed with diver resorts for a wide range of skill levels; but the advanced diver will haunt the Naingoro Pass and the Eagle Ray Point for big fish encounters like the Trevally baitball and hypnotic eagle rays. The Rainbow Reef at Somosomo Strait is an underwater paradise of shimmering colors. For forests of giant plate and staghorn corals, visit the Yasawas and Mamanucas. Want to enjoy thrilling whitewater kayaking? Steer through rock mazes and the tumbling rapids of the Luva River. The Sigatoka Sand Dunes and its extensive river system winds through prime fishing spots, and at authentic Fijian villages you can experience the welcoming warmth and hospitality of village chieftains, native villagers and learn about their unique culture, history, and customs. Be sure not to miss out on the bumpy, thrilling, slippery Waitavala Natural Rock Waterslide beneath the canopy of rain forest. The friendly locals will give you tips on how to coast through these cascading waterfalls. You can also enjoy the amazing Fiji firewalking ceremonial dances and listen to colorful native tales about the Turtle song customs of the Namuana village; the Octopus guardian of Fiji who dared to challenge the Dakuwaqa Shark God; or the fable about the Tagimoucia flower.

For additional historical insights, visit the Fiji Museum with its collection of musical instruments, whale-tooth necklaces, and the sinister Fijian war clubs and cannibal utensils from centuries ago. The museum contains Ratu Finau, the only one of the two remaining Fijiian war canoes left in the world. At the museum are Fijiian pottery-making demonstrations, a library of historical photographs and journals, and the lovely Thurston Garden with its tropical flowers and clock tower pagoda. In contrast, a very unusual unique site is the Hindu Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple with its carnival-like multicolored brightness and elaborate wooden carvings.

Finally, Fiji is rimmed with shoreline luxurious resorts and a fabulous marina for yachties – the Musket Cove! You will be surrounded by swaying palm trees, peaceful lagoons, and gentle ocean tides. Set sail to your vacation plans under the warm tropical skies of Fiji.


March 1, 2016 6:52 pm