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North America

Whether it’s the thrilling adventures of camping, whitewater rafting, and hiking through Yellowstone, the Tetons and Yosemite; golfing and yachting expeditions along the luxurious Florida Keys, South Carolina, California’s Pebble Beach, and the Pacific Northwest coastlines; skiing trips to Colorado’s Aspen Park and Banff National Park; and the most beautiful villas in Newport Beach, Beverly Hills, and Colorado for corporate meetings and corporate retreats, Travel Benefits By Design is the best agency to arrange your business travels, leisure, and family vacations! We create the perfect roadmap for your North American vacation where convenience and organization form the compass that enhances your goals and travel plans at America’s most mesmerizing locales.

North American Conferences. Corporate Meetings. Sabbaticals

Count on Travel Benefits to book you for the best seasonal access to cities like Boston, Chicago, New York City, Seattle, Sedona, Las Vegas, and San Francisco for important conventions, national conferences and international meetings. Visit our Meetings & Incentives page for all of the possibilities that TBBD offers. Our Villa partnerships and our itineraries will truly enhance corporate retreats and sabbaticals into the perfect team-building experience.

Contact TBBD to arrange beachfront properties for yachting and golfing opportunities or for corporate skiing trips nestled deep within prime mountain terrain. We will also coordinate corporate dinners and special events at the most exciting and inspiring locations.

North American Romantic Getaways

For artists, if you are looking for the most secluded romantic getaways, try Vancouver, Oregon, Cape Cod, or Maine, where dazzling sunsets meet churning seas and foaming oceans, always mercurial and compelling with shifting colors bursting forth from powerful waves. The autumns will be aflame with vivid tangerine-oranges, scarlet, and gold. For nature lovers, escape to the Rockies where you can rent a mountain lodge at a beautiful crystalline lake where the moon rises high above the evergreens, and the air echoes with the songs of mountain birds or the keening pitch of the hawk and the eagle.

For classic banquets and weddings, Napa Valley holds both elegant enchantment and amazing cuisine. The shorelines of Northern California are filled with beautiful marinas and yachting romance. South Carolina is a tranquil oasis of Southern mansions cloaked with cypress, willows, and blossoming orchards of plum and magnolia, extending up into North Carolina with its deep waterfalls and majestic Blue Ridge Mountains.

North American Adventure Trips

For families, North America is a diverse resource for wonderful activities. Be sure to visit our North American resorts page to see some of the most exciting Wild West adventures that Travel Benefits provides through Spur Alliance. North America is also the perfect place for church retreats and youth groups to explore nature and science through wilderness campouts and educational programs.

Enjoy the athletics of skiing, mountain biking and snowboarding. Experience the untamed expanse of Utah’s Bryce Canyon and its telescopic view of the stars; the steaming geysers of Yellowstone; the amazing ember-colored convolutions and narrow ravines of Arizona’s Antelope Canyon; the incredible ice floes and glaciers of Alaska’s Juneau region; the precious rare sighting of the Arctic Fox, the Mountain Bighorn Sheep, the Grizzly Bear, the Sea Otter, and Whooping Crane.

If you are into culture and events, Travel Benefits by Design will arrange an itinerary of festivals and special headliners for motor sports, golf tournaments, wine tastings, and whatever passionate hobbies you have. Seattle, Minneapolis, and NYC, for example, are the forefront of new music. And for those who love jazz and the blues, TBBD will combine the best jazz fests possible – from St. Louis to New Orleans!

Travel Benefits by Design’s coast-to-coast expertise will bring you the best travel locales in North America! Call 816-595-6000 or toll-free at 1-800-475-1281.


March 1, 2016 8:33 pm