This 200-square mile island is one of the largest of the Mariana Islands, an overseas territory of the United States, and is jam packed with millions of visitors every year.

It might be a popular tourist attraction, but its Chamorro residents are laid-back, so make sure you say Håfa Adai, which means greetings, go at a slower pace and enjoy the sites and attractions of the area.

Keep in mind, however, that when you arrive, it’s probably going to be hot – and humid. If you’re looking for cooler weather, visit between January and March. To cool off, head to the coral sand of Tumon Beach, but you might have a hard time finding a place to put your toes in the sand. It’s the most popular attraction on the island, especially with its Underwater World waterpark that has a 300-foot long walk through tunnel aquarium.

For unforgettable views of Tumon Beach and the island, head up to Two Lovers Point, a cliff-side lookout point, which plunges 400 feet into Pacific Ocean. The point is named after two young lovers who were forbidden by their families to be together, so they leapt to their death together from the cliff.

If you want to relax on a quieter beach, try FaiFai Powder Sand Beach — check out the limestone cave while you’re there – or the more secluded Ritidian and Talofofo Bay.

While in Guam, do that the Chamorro people do and immerse yourself in their culture. There is the Gef Pa’go village where each hut in his living museum is staffed by a Chamorro who teaches traditional crafts, arts and cooking, including how to husk a coconut to make coconut oil and coconut candy, and how to weave sleeping mats and make rope from coconut leaves and other organic materials.

There are many festivals held each year, including a procession in honor of Santa Marian Kamalen, the island’s patron saint, on December 8 each year. Catholics spill on to the streets of Hagåtña to celebrate their faith and culture.

While you’re in Guam, you should take a sunset cruise around the island, swim with the fishes or the dolphins, enjoy the fire dancers at a dinner show and play around. There’s plenty to do, such as paddle boarding, kayaking, beach volleyball, fishing, snorkeling and hiking.

For more information on Guam or to organize a trip to this magnificent island, contact your travel agent.  

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