travel benefits by designIt’s your morning cup of Joe, your java, cup of mud, and maybe even your Rocket Fuel. Whatever you call your coffee, it is one of the most popular beverages in the world. If you like the drink so much that you want to see a coffee plantation up close, there are a few trips you can take for a tour and a lesson.

First, head on over to the Hawaiian islands, where there are many coffee plantations that offer complimentary tours, such as the Kauai Coffee company and the Kona Coffee Living History Farm. The Kona Coffee Living History Farm participates in the annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival in November that includes a pageant, farm tours and art exhibits.

Coffee production is a huge part of Costa Rica’s history and here you can explore its production. You’ll see the coffee blossom from little seed to fruit and how the pulp is removed and the coffee is made. There are tours of Doka Estate, Cafe Monteverde and the Don Juan Coffee Tour, as well as a tour of the 640-acre Espiritu Santo’s Arabica coffee plantation located in Naranjo. At the Doka Estate, for example, you will learn about every stage of the coffee making process, including how to harvest by hand. You’ll see the 121-year old water mill and get a tour of the 478-acre estate.

On the island of Jamaica, it’s all about the coffee, mon! Okay, it’s about the rum too, but coffee is a huge part of the island, especially with the majestic Blue Mountains coffee plantation, where coffee is grown at more than 3,000 feet.

In Chiang Mai, Thailand, you must visit Doi Inthanon National Park, where you can walk around the Arabica coffee trees and then, of course, enjoy a cup. There’s also India’s Tamara Coffee Estate in Coorg, where you can actually stay on a coffee plantation and learn how to brew your own coffee with your own picked beans.

Last, but not least, coffee lovers can head down to São Paulo, Brazil and take a two-hour tour of the history of Brazilian coffee at the “Fazenda de Café” or book a trip to Antigua, Guatemala to tour the De la Gente coffee plantation. It’s a non-profit that grows 100% Arabica coffee on the slopes of volcanoes. You’ll walk through coffee fields and then brew your own on a hot cooking plate.

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